11 Vegan Date Ideas for Any Special Occasion

New Year’s Eve is almost here; before we know it, Valentine’s Day will be too. So many special occasions throughout the year leave us looking for the perfect date ideas that fit into a cruelty-free way of life. That’s why we have compiled a list of 11 vegan-friendly date ideas to plan for any and every special occasion.

Vegan Dessert Crawl Date

Organize a Vegan Dessert Crawl

A dessert crawl is a great way to support local vegan businesses while indulging in a decadent date night. Explore your favorite vegan-friendly restaurants or discover new venues to enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration, the Happy Cow app is a good resource for finding new restaurants to add to your crawl list.

This date opportunity is excellent for two people who want to enjoy an evening filled with sweet delights or the perfect opportunity to bond with like-minded couples as a double date. Splitting desserts leaves room for more stops on the crawl agenda.


Plan a plant based picnic date

Plan a Plant-Based Picnic

Picnics are a classic date idea that, when done correctly, are both intimate and romantic—planning a plant-based picnic for that special someone is an opportunity to show off your creative side while focusing on their favorite foods and locations. There are many different ways to plan a picnic, so imagination is the only limitation.

Here are some items to consider packing for the perfect picnic date:

– Picnic Blanket

– Umbrella or Sunshade

Picnic Basket or Cooler filled with delicious food & drinks

– Cutlery

– Plates

– Napkins

– Cups or Glasses

– Bottle Opener or Corkscrew

– Bluetooth Speaker

– Weather-Appropriate Clothing

– Sunblock

– Powerbank

Choosing to take your date on a picnic is an adventure filled with surprises that can be shared any time of the day, like during a beautiful sunset or cuddled up under the stars. Some ideal locations for successful picnics are beaches, lakes, gardens, and national parks or forests. To ramp up the excitement of any vegan picnic, choose a newly discovered location that’s not too close to home.

Be creative with the planning stage and consider some of these vegan picnic-friendly foods:

Vegan Charcuterie Board

– Sandwiches

– Wine & Vegan Cheeses

Smores Maker with Vegan Marshmallows

– Bento Box

– Vegan Sushi

– BBQ with Personal Gas Grill

– Desserts & Wine

– Homemade Gourmet Meal

– DIY Taco Bar


Create a Vegan Feast at Home Date

Enjoy a Vegan Feast at Home

Eating out isn’t for everyone, especially when looking for a more intimate date setting. Maybe there aren’t a lot of good vegan restaurants in your area, or you love to show off your culinary skills. If so, creating a vegan feast at home is a suitable date for you.

For those who prefer to dine at home without having to cook, try hiring a professional vegan chef to prepare a date night dinner for two or cater a meal from a local restaurant. With either option, it’s easy to enjoy dining at home while focusing on each other instead of the dishes.


Sing Your Heart Out For A Karaoke Date

Sing Your Hearts Out Together

Karaoke is a fun-filled activity for new and established couples to enjoy on date night. It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when belting out your favorite classic tunes in front of a crowd of onlookers. That’s one reason that a karaoke date is guaranteed fun for everyone.

Plan a fun night at a karaoke bar or a more intimate excursion with an in-home karaoke machine. Singing silly duets or inviting other friends and couples are great ways to take a singing date night to the next stage.


Organize a Vegan Potluck with Friends

Organize a Vegan Potluck Party With Friends

Not all dates have to be one-on-one. Inviting other vegan couples to join on a date night can be a blast. A vegan potluck party is an opportunity to get to know one another through food and fun. Invite each pair to bring a specific type of dish like appetizers, desserts, or mains so that there is a wide variety of delicious plant-based foods to go around.

To ramp up the fun even more, request that each couple brings along their favorite board game and choose one or two of them to play as a group.


Take a Vegan Cooking Class

Try a Vegan Cooking Class

Participating in a vegan cooking class is a unique date idea that brings couples together while expanding culinary skills. Get inspired to jump right in and get your hands dirty. Sharing a learning experience, like a new favorite recipe, will create lasting memories you can revisit for years.

While vegan cooking classes are not always available in-person, it’s easy to participate in a virtual class whenever date night arrives.


Enjoy Vegan Dinner and a Movie

Enjoy Dinner And a Movie

It’s hard to go wrong with the traditional dinner and a movie for just about any date-worthy occasion. It doesn’t matter if you plan on going to a local vegan restaurant before hitting up your favorite movie theater or planning a quiet evening of takeout and cozy movie-watching on the couch; this date idea is sure to be a hit.

When planning for a movie theater date, it’s good to note that AMC Theaters offers vegan options like popcorn, Impossible nuggets, and other plant-based options at many of its dine-in locations. Please check selections before arriving since menu options vary depending on location.


Indulge in Vegan Wine Tasting

Indulge in Vegan Wine Tasting

If you and your sweetheart are lucky enough to live close to a vegan-friendly winery, going to a vegan wine tasting is as easy as taking a trip to the country. But for many of us, finding a selection of vegan-friendly wines takes some imagination.

No matter where you live, with a bit of planning, it’s easy to set up a vegan wine-tasting date for any occasion. Many vegan wine clubs offer online ordering so that location won’t hinder your date night dreams.

Plan a one-on-one virtual wine tasting with your date, or invite other couples to indulge with you by each bringing a bottle of their favorite vegan wine. Add some delicious plant-based appetizers and have a fun-filled date night tailored to the wine enthusiast in your life. Alcohol-free vegan wines are also an option if you or your date want to go zero-proof.


Visit a Farm Sanctuary, Animal Sanctuary, or Shelter

Visit a Farm Sanctuary, Animal Sanctuary, or Shelter

Most people who live a vegan lifestyle also love animals which makes visiting an animal sanctuary or similar venue an ideal date setting for any date-worthy occasion.

Spending the day with rescued animals or animals in need of homes supports the organizations that provide care for these beings. You and your date also get the unique opportunity to interact with these gentle souls who are allowed to live out the rest of their lives in a peaceful environment.


Plan a Staycation at a Vegan-Friendly Airbnb, Bed & Breakfast, or Hotel

Plan a Staycation at a Vegan-Friendly Airbnb, Bed & Breakfast, or Hotel

Staycations are a fantastic opportunity for you and your date to explore cities or towns that are too far away for day trips but just far enough to spend a day or two away. Pack a small bag, hit the road, and start a journey of exploration together.

Making reservations at a vegan-friendly dwelling like a bed & breakfast, hotel, or Airbnb rental will guarantee that compassionate-friendly amenities will surround you while adventuring away from home.


Visit a Vegan Market

Take a Stroll Through a Vegan Market

Vegan marketplaces are popping up all over the place, which makes them a great addition to any date night. Most vegan markets offer a variety of booths with everything from cruelty-free food to jewelry, clothing, and other vegan-friendly goods.

Visiting one of these plant-based havens is the perfect chance to shop and stroll together. With some luck, you will learn new things about your date’s likes or dislikes, which will come in handy for future date-planning ideas.


Plan Fun-Filled Dates for Every Occasion

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve date idea, vegan Valentine’s Day couple activities, birthday surprises for a vegan sweetheart, or anniversary celebrations. We’ve got you covered. Try one or more of these vegan-friendly date recommendations for that special someone in your life.



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