22 Vegan Products We’d Love to Try in 2022

There are so many amazing vegan products hitting the shelves in 2022. While not all of these products are available in the U.S. just yet, we hope that they’ll make their way across the pond soon. In the meantime, it is simply encouraging to see so much growth in the vegan market. Each product is one step closer to a meat-free world.


  1. Gelatin-free Starburst

Most of the Starburst candies available in the USA are not vegan because of lac beetle secretions in the sugar glaze and gelatin. The Starburst fruit chews in the U.K. are made without gelatin but may contain animal-derived products. But recent Instagram photos on the U.S. Starburst account hint that we may soon have a plant-based gummy headed our way.


  1. Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate brand TCHO has plans to be utterly dairy-free by 2023. They start their transition in 2022 with their professional products. Products used by bakeries and restaurants will now use bases like cashew butter and oat milk. They will eventually be offering six new vegan chocolate bars in place of their dairy options.

Major chocolate brands are catching up with the demand to be dairy-free. Cadbury has new almond-based chocolate, while Lindt and Hershey’s also offer more vegan options. Nestle released the KitKat V last summer and has hinted at releasing a vegan Milky Way in the future.


  1. Treeline Vegan Goat Cheese

Treeline is already offering three new flavors of vegan goat cheese on their website and will be releasing these delicious flavors in stores in the spring of 2022. The cashew-based cheeses will come in plain, garlic basil, and blueberry. They also offer other cheeses on their websites, such as soft French-style and plant-based cream cheese.


  1. OmniPork

Pork replacements are one food that needs more representation in the vegan market. The Asian plant-based alternative OmniPork by OmniFoods was released in the U.K. in 2021 after their initial launch in Asia in 2018. You can find OmniPork in restaurants across the U.K. in 2022.


  1. Urbani Foods’ Vegan Jerky

After 50 years of meat production, the Urbani family decided on plant-based production. In 2018, Urbani Foods began releasing its delicious vegan jerky across Canada. NOBLE jerky is available across Canada and the United States via Amazon, MEC, and Vegan Essentials. This year, they are expanding and releasing their NOBLE Jerky in China’s 36 Sam’s Club locations.


  1. McDonald’s McPlant

McDonald’s McPlant burger is already available in over 250 locations across the U.K. The plant-based burger includes a Beyond Meat patty on a vegan bun with vegan cheese and sauce. McDonald’s began U.S. tests in November of 2021 in select areas in Texas, Iowa, Louisiana, and California. We hope to see the product in more U.S. locations this spring.


  1. Burger King Vegan Nuggets

Burger King has begun testing their Impossible Foods vegan nuggets in Des Moines, IA, Boston, MA, and Miami, FL, as of October of 2021. The fast-food chain first partnered up with Impossible Foods in 2019 when they released the Impossible Whopper after a successful test run. Burger King also tested out the Impossible Sausage on a non-vegan breakfast sandwich before the nationwide launch into retail stores. We hope to see the Impossible Nuggets hit Burger King menus nationwide.


  1. Miyoko’s Creamery Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella

One of the biggest problems we run into with vegan cheese products is how they don’t melt as well as dairy. Miyokos may have solved that problem with their latest creation. The company has released a liquid mozzarella perfect for melted deliciousness.

“We know that Americans eat about three billion pizza pies annually and are excited to share a vegan cheese solution like nothing anyone’s ever seen before,” Miyoko Schinner, founder, and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, said in a press statement announcing the new product. “Our Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella has been praised by partnering pizza-makers because of its wonderful taste and ability to melt, bubble, and brown. It is now available for pizza lovers across the U.S. to bring home.”


  1. DUG Potato Milk

Who needs cow’s milk when we have so many other options today? It is easy to find almond, soy, coconut, oat, and hemp milk, to name a few. And this list goes on; now we can add one more to the list. Potato!

Veg of Lund, the Swedish company that produces DUG, has a patented method of making their potato milk which they describe as “deliciously creamy, makes perfect foam in coffee, works just like any other milk.” DUG is currently offering three flavors of potato milk; original, unsweetened, and Barista.


  1. Patch Organics Pumpkin Seed Milk

Patch Organics is bringing us a new milk alternative that doesn’t have grains, nuts, or soy but is full of protein, vitamin D, electrolytes, and calcium. Patch Organics sustainable Pumpkin Seed Milk Is available now via patchmilk.com and other online retailers. Try this new milk in original or chocolate flavors.

“Taste is king and we think we’ve cracked the code on taste. Lightly sweetened with only dates and coconut sugar that is low glycemic and contains trace minerals. Our pumpkin seed milk is also nutrient-rich with 5.75 g of protein in a single serving, as well as vitamin D and electrolytes. It’s top 8 allergen-friendly, gluten-free, and organic.” Patricia Trongone, founder of Patch Organics


  1. Actual Veggies Burgers

If you love veggies and want to see more of them in your “burger” patties, then Actual Veggies has a product for you. Actual Veggies brand offers a new take on the classic veggie burger with their veggie-only patties. Their unique, all-vegetable burgers come in four flavors, made from beets, sweet potato, kale, or black beans. You can purchase Actual Veggies burgers on their website, through Hungry Root, or Sprouts grocery stores.


  1. WunderEggs Vegan Hard-Boiled Eggs

We in the U.S. have enjoyed the plant-based egg alternative JustEgg for a while now. The folks over in the U.K. are finally seeing the vegan liquid egg replacer on their shelves as of 2021. So what’s next?

WunderEggs by Texas startup Crafty Counter is a nut-based, 100% vegan egg that promises to look, taste, and feel like a traditional boiled egg.

“My inspiration for WunderEggs came during the first two weeks of Covid when our country’s food systems began to break down. I was already aware of the impact of intensive factory farming on climate change and the pandemic was just the last straw for me,”. “We are so excited to bring this vegan revolution to all the plant-based food lovers that haven’t eaten a boiled egg in a long time. They no longer have to miss out on a breakfast or snack favorite.” Crafty Counter founder and CEO Hema Reddy


  1. Perfeggt

Perfeggt is a Berlin-based company that has plans to debut its chicken-less egg product in early 2022 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. They have raised $2.8 million in their initial launch funding. The funding has allowed them to expand their team and headquarters. They are hiring more employees and hope to expand their product into more of Europe in 2022.


  1. Nature’s Charm Sweetened Condensed Oat Milk

Nature’s Charm has offered sweetened condensed coconut milk for a while now, and this year, they have added sweetened condensed oat milk to their lineup. Vegans in the United States can find sweetened condensed oat milk for sale online and at Whole Foods Market. This dairy-free condensed milk alternative provides chefs and home cooks with a perfect option to recreate recipes while ditching dairy. It’s getting easier and easier to cook vegan.


  1. Violife Mediterranean Style Grill Me! Cheese

Violife, the 100% vegan food company, is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and produces vegan alternatives free from lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, and preservatives.

One of their latest products, the Violife’s Mediterranean Style Grill Me! cheese, has been a favorite in Europe for quite some time. The vegan cheese is said to be a “unique texture that is perfectly grilled with a Greek salad for an alfresco lunch or tapas-style snack.” U.S. consumers can find the Mediterranean Style Grill Me! Cheese at Sprout’s supermarkets.


  1. Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chance Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Ben & Jerry’s has quite a few flavors in their non-dairy lineup, and their list of vegan flavors is only getting bigger. Ben & Jerry’s newest vegan flavor collaborates with Chance the Rapper and contains a mint-flavored sunflower milk base with chunks of brownies.

“We’ve long been fans of Chance the Rapper’s award-winning musical prowess. Whether he’s wowing his fans with his own brand of lyrical storytelling or joining forces with other artists for dazzling collaborations, he’s always at the top of his game. And speaking of collaborations, this might be his sweetest one yet. Chance’s favorite flavor is mint, soMint Chocolate Chance Non-Dairy was truly “mint” to be. And since mint and chocolate are a duo fit for music royalty, we figured we couldn’t go wrong by adding plenty of fudgy brownies. Made with sunflower butter, this 100% vegan certified Non-Dairy flavor has all the Ben & Jerry’s chunks you love, all without a drop of dairy. Grab a spoon and enjoy a front row seat to Chance the Rapper’s Non-Dairy debut!”


  1. Dandies Marshmallow Cream

Chicago Vegan Foods (CVF) just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Dandies, a brand under the CFV company, has provided gelatin-free vegan marshmallows for the vegan community for many years. In 2022, the company will expand its vegan marshmallow lineup with a much anticipated spreadable marshmallow fluff.

“This has been a product I’ve been excited to see come to fruition for a long time, and a product I know our customers have been wanting to see,” CVF founder Dan Ziegler told VegNews. “It’s a first-of-its-kind product in the vegan market.”


  1. Dream Pops Dream Bites Ice Cream

Dream Pops is a 100% plant-based ice cream company that offers an extensive line of vegan ice cream bars. They recently announced their Dream Pops Dream Bites, which are chocolate-covered ice cream bites made from coconut milk. Lucky customers will soon be able to choose from three delicious flavors; Berry Dreams, Birthday Cake, and Vanilla Sky.


  1. Vegan Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Kraft-owned Philadelphia cream cheese launched a vegan version of their dairy-based spread in the U.K. for Veganuary 2022. Their first dairy-free cream cheese is made from a mix of almond and oat milk. Plant-based cream cheese is the newest of many vegan products by the Kraft Heinz company.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure new Philadelphia Plant-Based really delivers the same great taste and creaminess that people love and expect from Philadelphia and we’re delighted that there’s now a Philadelphia product for everyone – not a bagel or slice of toasted sourdough ever needs to go without again!” Louise Stigant, UK managing director of Philadelphia’s parent company, Mondelēz International.


  1. UMARO Bacon

It’s hard to imagine “superfood” and “bacon” in the same sentence, but UMARO has made that a reality. UMARO is bringing us crispy, smoky vegan bacon made from seaweed. This new breakfast staple is set to hit shelves in May of 2022 and will be available in Original, Maple Bourbon, and Hickory Smoke flavors.


  1. BOSH! Vegan Cakes

Being vegan doesn’t mean you never crave a sweet treat. With all the various vegan ingredients available on the market today, it’s no surprise that vegan bakeries are becoming more popular. Bosh offers up two flavors of plant-based cakes in Tesco stores across the U.K., their Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Luscious Lemon. We hope to see these delicious cakes in the USA soon, but until they are available, you can find the recipes to all of BOSH! ‘s cakes and yummy vegan dishes on their social media sites.


  1. Vegan ZeaStar Zalmon

Vegan alternatives are readily available for meat, dairy, and eggs, but seafood is not always as easy to find. A vegan fish and chips combo is easy to come by, but other vegan seafood options are not. Vegan ZeaStar Zalmon was released in the Netherlands in 2018 and is currently making a splash in the U.K. and the USA. ZeaStar also offers vegan calamari, plant-based tuna, and other sashimi alternatives.


Which new vegan products are you most excited to try?


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