FARM’s Year in Review 2022

This past year at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) exceeded all expectations. Each day the FARM Team comes to work with one mission: end the use of animals for food. Here are some of our proudest projects and programs from 2022.


When the Governor of Colorado proclaimed March 20th “MeatOut Day” (2021) across the state, the response was so overwhelming that it captured headlines around the world. In 2022, for MeatOut’s 37th anniversary, we set out to reach even more people. Thanks to a MeatOut proclamation from New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, FARM reminded 8.8+ million residents that they can take meat off their plates.

Iowa Capitol Des Moines Meatout 2021

World Day for Farmed Animals

In an unexpected twist, World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA) was proclaimed in the State of Iowa by Governor Kim Reynolds (R). WDFA commemorates the more than 70 billion land animals raised for food every year. On October 2nd, WDFA was observed in Israel, Poland, and across the United States including the final vigil by the SAVE Movement at Farmer John’s in Los Angeles. In a collaboration with JewishVeg and through the FARM EdLetters program, WDFA reached an estimated one million readers in newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. The program also encourages a day-long fast against slaughter, which was observed by more than 500 people this year.

Live Vegan

FARM’s new website features a unique “user-selected/audience-driven” navigation, allowing users to find the exact information they need to start and continue on their vegan journey. has plans to expand further in 2023 through a robust online social media marketing campaign and live vegan support.

The FARM Buzz

We launched The FARM Buzz in early 2022 as a way to highlight important news while spreading the word about animal rights and promoting veganism. The FARM Buzz continues to be an educational, inspirational blog dedicated to veganism, plant-based foods, & animal rights. We are excited to grow this informative platform throughout 2023 and beyond. Please subscribe at the bottom of this article to receive notifications for our new posts and share articles on social media.

World Dairy Expo

The World Dairy Expo (October 2, 2022) in Madison, Wisconsin provided an opportunity to take out billboards across the Midwest asking people to ditch dairy and providing resources through FARM’s Continuation of anti-dairy programming will rollout in December 2022 and continue through 2023 with an extensive outdoor advertising campaign.

Ukraine’s Lviv Vegan Kitchen

And in other parts of the world, FARM sent Ukraine’s Lviv Vegan Kitchen money needed to purchase new kitchen appliances, allowing them to continue to distribute more than 20,000 plant-based meals across the war-torn country. Lviv Vegan Kitchen is a volunteer-based project that operates out of Vega Room restaurant. Volunteers serve over 200 free vegan meals a day to hungry refugees. They also provide humanitarian aid for vegans all over Ukraine and donate vegan food to refugee shelters.

Animal Activism Mentorship

Fueled by FARM, Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM) empowered animal rights activists in Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, and Cleveland with their multi-day, in-person animal rights events and demonstrations. There are more events to come in 2023 including a Washington Week of Action. Keep an eye out for one in your area.

Planet Bethesda

On June 5th, an estimated 2,500 people converged on Elm Street Urban Park in Bethesda, Maryland, for a World Environment Day Festival. Planet Bethesda, hosted by FARM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE), was unlike any previous vegfest, reaching vegans and non-vegans alike. We’re already making plans for 2023. Save the date for 2023: June 4th.

Vegan Earth Day

Each April 22 the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a time when we look beyond our own needs and remember the needs of the Earth. FARM took to the streets of Washington, DC for Vegan Earth Day and book-ended the main-stage with “Eating Animals Kills our Planet” banners and distributed our popular round Earth postcards.

The Future of FARM

We’re looking forward to taking our petition to the next level in the coming months. So far, we have more than 34,000 signatures (and would love to add your’s to the growing list). With more than 49 million K-12 students in the United States and an estimated 12% of those lactose intolerant (408,000), isn’t it time plant-based milk products are added to the USDA National School Lunch Program’s Foods Available List? Please sign and share.

What’s next for FARM? In 2023, will reach more people. We’ll roll out a Vegan Book Club, launch a K-12 educational program, explore what a “post-vegan world” looks like, host more plant-based events, expand further, add to our “Fueled by FARM” program, bring back, and grow the FARM team. And continue to bring you compelling, entertaining, and useful blog posts on an ongoing basis through The FARM Buzz.

All of our work relies on the generosity of supporters like you. If you’re able, please consider supporting us today. And if you are unable to donate please share our content with your friends and on your social media.

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  1. Am so proud of the FARM Team when I see this (expurgated) list of our accomplishments this past year. While our work may seem overwhelming at times, reading this is a reminder of how hard we work for the animals.

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