My FARM Friends Coloring Book by Ruby Roth

Ruby Roth is an award-winning author, illustrator, artist, and “change maker.” She has been featured on many major news networks and is touted as “the world’s leading author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books.” She has been vegan since 2003 and is also on the advisory board for RuckusRoots, a program designed to teach environmental awareness and responsible actions through art. These things feature heavily in her work.

Ruby Roth’s Path to Animal Activism

Ruby’s work often parallels her journey. Much of her young life, around 13 years, was spent in a back brace due to Scoliosis. During those painful years, Ruby turned to her art as her outlet. While working as an elementary school art teacher, Roth’s students were intrigued by her eating habits. Her students’ curiosity inspired her to write her first book on veganism. “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals “is the first in a series of books for kids.

Her newest book, “Bad Day,” addresses how parents can handle their children’s meltdowns and other “childhood challenges. “Other books include “V is for Vegan,” “Vegan is Love,” and a cookbook titled, “The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids.”

Although she is a teacher and children’s book author, Ruby Roth is no stranger to controversy. Often, people describe her as “a composed and tranquil little vessel packing a powerhouse conductor, charged and loaded with a bid for a sound world.” Throughout her career, she has taken on circuses, zoos, animal testing, and more.

Fighting for Animals Through Controversy

No matter how bright, Ruby does not shy away from the spotlight her books place her in. Her book, “Vegan is Love” sparked an international debate with its graphic content, which many parents viewed as scary. Many major networks have interviewed Ruby about this book, including The Today Show and CNN.

Roth counters, “There’s nothing in my books that a child wouldn’t see walking through the grocery store, in the deli section, or on the myriad of TV shows about hunting, fishing or even cooking. I think by avoiding or sugarcoating the truth, we’re actually hindering what our children are capable of. The path to a greener future and a more sustainable planet lies in engaging our kids. I don’t see any reason why our children’s health and education should be placed on a layaway plan.”

Ruby’s primary goal is to teach children how to be compassionate, critical thinkers who act responsibly toward animals of all kinds. Glamour calls her “an explosion of controversy.” but people’s opinions do not deter her. She challenges authoritative opposition to the message behind her books by speaking her truth. Today, Ruby’s books are available in more than ten languages. She also has over 160,000 followers on her social media pages.

My FARM Friends Coloring Book Project

Recently, Ruby Roth has collaborated with Farm Animal Rights Movement, FARM, to create a coloring book for kids of all ages. The book, illustrated by Roth, is filled with 20 fun facts about farmed animals, activity pages, and parent resources.

Eric C Lindstrom, Executive Director of FARM, has this to say. “As a parent of two vegan elementary school-aged children, I see countless coloring books come into our home, but none ever showcase the true personalities of the animals. This book is different. Working closely with Ruby Roth has been a goal of mine, and this collaboration has resulted in something truly unique for the movement.”

The coloring book is printed with soy inks onto 100% recycled paper. Copies are being distributed to children’s hospitals, animal sanctuaries, and restaurants nationwide. Copies of “My FARM Friends Coloring Book” are available here. Books are available in quantities of 1, 50, or 100. “Proceeds from the sale of the books will allow us a second print run with more books being donated.”


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