Taco Bell Adds Vegan Nacho Fries For Limited Time

Finding vegan options at Taco Bell has always been easy once you settle on the right customizations, but vegans have had to skip the cheese until now. Taco Bell is finally releasing Vegan Nacho Fries with 100% vegan nacho sauce. This plant-based option is exciting news for vegans who love Taco Bell.

Taco Bell’s Vegan Nacho Fries Available Now

Vegan Nacho Fries by Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho Sauce will be available at all US Taco Bell locations starting October 12th, 2023. The vegan nacho sauce is Taco Bell’s first nationwide launch of any plant-based cheese menu item.

Taco Bell occasionally adds their delicious Nacho Fries to their menu for a limited time, and they have been a hugely popular dish since their launch in 2018. The fries themselves are vegan, but up until now, the cheese sauce has not been vegan. The new vegan sauce is made from a chickpea and soy base. However, just like their counterpart, they will be available for a limited time, so act quickly if you want to try them.

Adding More Vegan Options to Taco Bell’s Menu

Taco Bell Nacho Vegan Cheese Sauce

Certified as vegan by the American Vegetarian Association, the Vegan Nacho Fries will be available in two sizes: regular and large. Prices may vary by restaurant, but many locations should have the same price as the regular Nacho Fries.

“Taco Bell’s commitment to innovation extends to providing delicious options for everyone, including those who prefer vegan options,” says a Taco Bell spokesperson. “The limited time introduction of the Vegan Nacho Sauce is part of our ongoing effort to offer diverse menu items that cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and needs.”

Vegan Food Items at Taco Bell

Vegan Crunchwrap from Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Vegan Crunchwrap, which preceded the Vegan Nacho Fries, was only available in select locations: Los Angeles, New York City, and Orlando. Customers loved the Vegan Crunchwrap, which included plant-based beef, plant-based sour cream, and a vegan “blanco sauce.” It has paved the way for more vegan options like the Vegan Nacho Fries.

“Such a large part of our fandom is vegan or vegetarian, and we’re as committed to them as they are to us and our menu,” Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell, said in a statement at the time. “That’s why we took so long, months and years, to release something this special; we wanted and needed to get it exactly right, to get it mouth-watering. Because let’s admit it, we’ve all eaten plenty of products on today’s market that don’t taste great and certainly aren’t craveable.”

Taco Bell’s commitment to excellent flavor and quality products is great news for vegans across the country and even the world. Taco Bell locations in the UK added plant-based meat to their regular menu in July. It is now a permanent menu selection that customers can add to any item for the same price. Hopefully, the US is not far behind with this addition. Vegan Nacho Fries are just one more step toward a vast vegan Taco Bell menu.

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