Eating Vegan at Burger King in the USA

Following a vegan lifestyle gets more accessible and easier every year. Consumers can find vegan options at almost every sit-down restaurant chain and many fast-food restaurants. Even some healthy vegans like to indulge in plant-powered fast food now and then. And it has become a lot easier to satisfy those vegan fast-food cravings over the past few years thanks to Burger King.

Burger King was one of the first major fast-food chains in the United States to add an entirely plant-based burger option to its nationwide menu when it rolled out the Impossible Whopper in 2019. As of 2022, they also remain one of the only top fast-food chains that have consistently kept a fully vegan fast food option on their menu. With so many Burger King locations around the country, it is easy for anyone to find quick meals for vegans, no matter where they are.

Here are the plant powered fast food vegan options available at Burger King locations across the USA. We’ve also included the nutritional facts listed on the Burger King website.

Vegan Breakfast Options at Burger King

Vegan French Toast Sticks Burger KingFrench Toast Sticks

BK’s French Toast Sticks are a long-time customer favorite that is also accidentally vegan. While these tasty toast sticks do not include non-vegan ingredients, the restaurant cooks them in a shared fryer.

Nutritional Information:
3 French Toast Sticks
Calories                       350.6 kcal
Fat                               12.2 g
Saturated Fat              2.8 g
Trans Fat                     0.1 g
Cholesterol                 0.7 mg
Sodium                        317.8 mg
Carbohydrates            56.8 g
Fiber                            1.7 g
Sugar                           25.7 g
Proteins                       3.7 g

Vegan Hashbrowns Burger KingHash Browns

It’s easy for vegans to get a quick breakfast snack at any BK location. Burger King’s morning hash browns are made from 100% vegan ingredients, although cooked in a shared fryer.

Nutritional Information for Small Hash Browns

Calories                       287.1 kcal
Fat                               18.4 g
Saturated Fat              3.3 g
Trans Fat                     0.1 g
Cholesterol                 0 mg
Sodium                        811.8 mg
Carbohydrates            28.9 g
Fiber                            2.5 g
Sugar                           0.3 g
Proteins                       2.3 g

Vegan Burgers at Burger King

Impossible Whopper Vegan Burger KingImpossible™ Whopper

The classic Impossible Whopper has remained the same since its menu debut. The Impossible™ Whopper comes with pickles, sliced white onion, tomatoes, ketchup, and non-vegan mayonnaise. It is easy to make this plant powered fast food sandwich vegan by removing the standard mayonnaise on this item.

Nutritional information for the Impossible™ Whopper (*before removing the mayo)
Calories                                   652.3 kcal
Fat                                           35.1 g
Saturated Fat                          9.3 g
Trans Fat                                 0.2 g
Cholesterol                             16.8 mg
Sodium                                    1,408.8 mg
Carbohydrates                        61.9 g
Fiber                                        6.4 g
Sugar                                       13.8 g
Proteins                                   31.7 g

Single Impossible King Vegan Burger KingSingle Impossible™ King

The Single Impossible King is a newer plant-based menu option from Burger King that can be made vegan by removing the cheese slice. This sandwich comes with sliced white onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and non-vegan cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun. It is also the first option available on Burger King’s Mix & Match menu that can be made vegan. The Mix & Match deal allows a customer to get two of the Single Impossible King sandwiches for only $5.00 or two Single Impossible meals that include burgers, small fries, and small drinks for only $10.00.

Nutritional information for the Single Impossible™ King (*before removing the cheese)
Calories                                   578 kcal
Fat                                           22.9 g
Saturated Fat                          11 g
Trans Fat                                 0.2 g
Cholesterol                             34.6 mg
Sodium                                    2,064.5 mg
Carbohydrates                        56.6 g
Fiber                                        5.8 g
Sugar                                       10.4 g
Proteins                                   32.8 g

Vegan Sides at Burger King

French Fries Vegan Burger KingFrench Fries

If there’s one thing vegans are experts at, it’s French fries. Burger King’s French fries do not contain any animal-based ingredients, but they are cooked in shared oil with the rest of Burger King’s fried items.

Nutrition Facts for Small Classic Fries
Calories                                   402.5 kcal
Fat                                           17.2 g
Saturated Fat                          2.3 g
Trans Fat                                 0.1 g
Cholesterol                             0.4 mg
Sodium                                    731.2 mg
Carbohydrates                        58.8 g
Fiber                                        4.3 g
Sugar                                       1.3 g
Proteins                                   5.2 g

Motts Applesauce Vegan Burger KingMOTTS™ Applesauce

Applesauce may not be a side that most people would choose at a fast-food restaurant, but it is a vegan option available at most Burger King locations across the country.

Nutrition Facts for MOTTSApplesauce
Calories                                   50 kcal
Fat                                           0 g
Saturated Fat                          0 g
Trans Fat                                 0 g
Cholesterol                             0 mg
Sodium                                    0 mg
Carbohydrates                        13 g
Fiber                                        1 g
Sugar                                       11 g
Proteins                                   0 g


The Future of Vegan Burger King

While we are thrilled that some Burger King vegan options are available in the United States, it is hard not to be envious of the vegan options at BK available to our friends abroad. All Burger King locations in the United Kingdom offer an entirely plant-based menu, including a Vegan Royale Chicken Sandwich. And other locations around the globe feature even more vegan fast food options such as Burger King Vegan Nuggets, Burger King Vegan Nugget Burger, Vegan Royale Salad, and even Burger King Vegan Nuggets Kids Meals.

Recently Burger King has begun setting up entirely plant-based pop-up stores in the United Kingdom. Their latest fully vegan Burger King pop-up restaurant location is in Bristol, UK. This pop-up location will serve 24 plant-based versions of classic menu items for two weeks. One of these items is called the Bakon King and features vegan bacon from La Vie, a company backed by actress and vegan activist Natalie Portman.

We’re incredibly proud of our meat-free menu; it delivers big taste with no compromises and reflects our ongoing commitment to serving a diverse and innovative range of products,” Katie Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King UK, stated. “Following the success of the Leicester Square takeover in London, we are looking forward to bringing this range of delicious meat-free menu items to our customers in Bristol.

In August of 2022, Burger King began testing an Impossible Foods plant-based chicken sandwich in the USA at select locations in Cincinnati, OH. We can only hope that the chain continues to expand its plant-powered fast food offerings to consumers in the United States.



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