10 Ways to Get Involved on World Day for Farmed Animals

World Day for Farmed Animals is on the horizon again. Founded in 1983, World Farm Animals Day is observed annually on the birthday of human rights activist and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi, October 2. Gandhi believed all things, including animals, deserve respect, dignity, and equal treatment.

Each year, humans slaughter billions of farm animals for food. On World Day for Farmed Animals, people worldwide seek to bring awareness to the needless suffering of these beautiful beings. Although the main goal of WDFA is to encourage humanity to strive for a compassionate world where we treat animals as more than mere products.

How To Get Involved In World Day for Farmed Animals

What can you, as only one person, do to alleviate the pain farmed animals experience each day? As with any undertaking, it may seem overwhelming at first. But there is power in numbers. Each person who participates in World Day for Farmed Animals furthers the impact of the lesson behind the event. One person can make a difference. Furthermore, when that one person joins forces with thousands of other people, the desired effect increases exponentially.

Here are a few things you can do to get involved on World Day for Farmed Animals.

Donate to FARM Animal Rights Movement for WDFA

Donate to Animal Rights Organizations

There are many worthy charities whose goal is to improve the lives of animals and help end animal farming, like FARM Animal Rights Movement. Non-profit organizations require significant funding to accomplish their compassionate objectives. Donating is always a powerful way to make a difference. Search for one near you or give to any nationwide or worldwide foundations working towards animal rights.

Visit an animal sanctuary for world day for farmed animals.

Visit or Volunteer at Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

Animal sanctuaries are essential in ending animal cruelty and providing a haven for any being who needs a safe place to live out their lives. Some sanctuaries charge to visit them, which is understandable, given the high expenses involved in the animals’ care. Others are free to visit. Many offer volunteer opportunities since they rely on volunteers for their day-to-day operations. Visit a local farmed animal sanctuary and ask what you can do to help the cause.

Go vegan for the animals on WDFA

Go Vegan

Removing animal products from your diet and lifestyle is one of the most obvious things we can do to support World Day for Farmed Animals and every other day of the year. When someone abstains from animal products, they no longer contribute directly to the problem. We create one less mouth to feed by removing ours from the equation. We increase our impact even further when we encourage others to do the same and offer education on switching to a more compassionate lifestyle

Hand out free samples of vegan food for WDFA

Try Tabling on World Day for Farmed Animals

Tabling is an effective way to disseminate information if a festival or organized event is happening in your area. Events or high-traffic areas are perfect venues for sharing literature, answering questions, and offering samples of delicious plant-based food options. Make your table as attractive as possible to encourage interaction with passers-by and have numerous resources available for those who want more information.

A closeup shot of a male handing out booklets with a blurred background for WDFA

Share WDFA Information Through Leafleting

Leafleting is a simple and effective way to share information and educate the public. It requires little planning and time commitment and is easy to accomplish with one or dozens of participants. Design a simple yet informative leaflet or use one of the free brochure designs from the official World Day for Farmed Animals website and pass it on to as many people as possible. Be sure to include resources and references for those who want more information.

Film Screening for World Day for Farmed Animals

Hold Film Screenings of Animal Rights Films or Footage

Film is a powerful way to convey the magnitude of suffering experienced by farmed animals every day. Carefully select a film with your target audience in mind. One recommendation is FARM’s 10 Billion Lives video. Be sure to choose an appropriate venue for your screening. You will need one that has an adequate screen and sound system and an effective internet connection if you intend to stream your film. Be prepared to answer questions and provide resources after your screening.

Hold a World Day for Farmed Animals Vigil

If you live near a slaughterhouse or can travel to one, many volunteers stand vigil for the animals whose lives will be lost that day and every day. It is a form of mourning for the suffering and losses caused in those buildings each day. Many attendees wear black to show they are in mourning. Others carry signs clarifying their purpose and bringing attention to the atrocities happening right under our noses.

Get Involved With Local Animal Rights Groups

Many cities have local groups who campaign for an end to animal suffering. Get involved. Some groups plan marches or public events. Many purchase billboards or banners to further their message. Some even create thought-provoking public exhibits or street theater events.

Share WDFA Content on Social Media

In today’s world, social media is a powerhouse for reaching individuals worldwide. Create posts about World Day for Farmed Animals with the free resources at dayforanimals.com/resources. Add links to social media posts. Open a dialogue and answer questions. Add World Day for Farmed Animals hashtags to every social media post, video, or link you share. Be sure to also like, share, and comment on others’ WDFA posts.

Participate in The Fast Against Slaughter

Many participants opt to Fast Against slaughter on World Day for Farmed Animals. As an act of solidarity with suffering animals, participants will forego food for the day. Fasting against slaughter helps to bring more awareness to the plight of farmed animals everywhere. Should you fast on World Day for Farmed Animals, remember to share your actions on social media under #FASTAGAINSTSLAUGHTER. Many people also take photos of themselves covering their mouths, holding a sign stating their reason(s) for fasting.

These are just a few ways to get involved on World Day for Farmed Animals. Be creative and patient when you are planning your activities. Select things that best suit your personal preferences and make the most significant impact. If you reach just one person on October 2, you can count yourself successful. Each individual counts in the fight against animal cruelty and slaughter. Let us know in the comments how you plan to participate in World Day for Farmed Animals this year.

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