9 Ways to Help Animal Rights Organizations

The plight of animals can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned activists. Sometimes it feels like there is so much suffering and abuse around us but so few ways to make a REAL difference for animals. Let’s explore some ways that you can get involved in the animal rights movement and make a difference.

Most animal rights organizations are non-profits and rely heavily on donations from supporters to continue running. There are many ways to donate from going to an organization’s website, donating through social media, or contacting the organization directly to send checks or money orders. Some organizations also offer a reoccurring donation option so that you can give a little to your favorites every month or bi-monthly.

There may be other items that can be donated to a non-profit other than money. Some organizations need items for events such as auction fundraisers or have amazon wishlist items that help support on-site animal residents. Check out an organizations website or social media to see what donations will help them the most.

While there are lots of great organizations that need your support don’t forget to be mindful of scams. Before donating to an organization, it is good practice to research that they are reputable and will use your donation wisely. Websites like GuideStar can provide relevant information on non-profit organizations so that your donations are being used wisely.

Don’t worry if you are unable to spare money right now, there are plenty of ways to help animals that does not involve cash donations.

Volunteer at an Animal Rights Event or Demonstration

Volunteering your time to an animal rights organization’s event or demonstration is a valuable way to help change hearts and bring awareness to animal rights.

Many organizations will create demonstrations at political events, slaughterhouses, factory farms, and animal research labs just to name a few. The larger numbers that show up to an event the more recognition they receive in local and national media stations. Some of the positions that may be needed at a demonstration is creating signs, holding signs, photography, videography, and other tools for bringing awareness.

Other types of events that non-profit organizations may need volunteers for include tabling or handing out pamphlets at conferences, farmers markets, food festivals, and more. Some non-profits have animal residents and will need volunteers to help provide care for rescues or information about their residents for visitors.

There are many ways that non-profits utilize volunteers so be sure to sign up to be added to your favorite organizations volunteer list today.

Create or Sign Petitions for Animal Rights

Petitions have been vehicles for change long before online petitions were available. But nowadays activists can gather signatures for change with a click of a button. Websites like Change.org offer activists a way to bring awareness to animals in need from their own living room.

Not all online petitions are created equally. When an online petition is created or supported by a reputable organization there is a higher chance of creating change. If there is a topic that you want to bring attention to try to research if an organization has already started one and put your support behind them. Or, if you can’t find a petition topic it may be effective to reach out to your favorite non-profit and ask them to support your passion. Working together with an animal rights non-profit will raise more awareness and give your petition the best chance of creating real change.


Become Active on Animal Rights Organizations Social Media Accounts

Few businesses can survive nowadays without a social media following and non-profits are no different. When supporters follow, like, share, and comment on a non-profits content it is a great way to support them.

Growing an online following allows non-profits to help more animals by gaining volunteers, supporters, and donors while changing hearts and minds. Next time you are on social media be sure to show your favorite animal rights non-profit love with a little engagement.


Purchase Items from a Non-Profit’s Online Store

Most animal rights non-profits will have an online store with products like t-shirts or stickers that support their mission for animals. Purchasing these items will not only help support the organization but also offers a great opportunity to show your support around your community. T-shirts and other non-profit swag may open conversations with new friends about the organization or their message.


Contact Political Representatives about Animal Rights

Contacting political representatives about animal rights concerns can plant a seed for change to improve the lives of animals in your country, state, or city. If you have created an online petition or signed one recently you can also pass that information along to your representatives. If you are a registered voter your representative wants to know what is important to their constituents, especially around re-election times.


Create an Online Fundraiser for Your Favorite Non-Profit

Some social media channels like Facebook Fundraisers offer people the opportunity to create an online fundraiser for their favorite non-profit organizations. Supporters can choose to raise money from their friends and followers for special events like their birthday or Giving Tuesday. Creating an online fundraiser that tells people why you are passionate about an animal rights organization will not only gather funds but also new followers for your favorite pages.


Host An In-Person Event Benefiting Animal Rights

As we all try to return to a normal existence after the last few years this is the perfect time to host an in-person event to raise money or awareness for your favorite animal rights non-profit. Supporters can hold large events with the support of the organization or even just a small event to raise awareness.

And if you can’t host an event, start small by inviting friends and family over for an animal rights documentary screening or a vegan potluck.


Go Vegan for the Animals

One of the most effective ways to help farmed animals each day is to vote with your wallet. Going vegan gives you at least three times per day to avoid paying for animal abuse at each meal. When someone avoids spending any money on clothes, food, household products, beauty products, etc. that include animal products or are tested on animals it sends the message to retailers for change.

Going vegan may seem like a huge undertaking but with all the amazing options available today it will probably be easier than you think. Join vegan groups and plant-based recipe groups online or in your local community to find support and inspiration to stay on your vegan journey.


Getting Active for Animal Rights

It doesn’t matter if you have been an activist for many years or are brand new to the animal rights movement, there are many ways that you can make a difference. No amount of help is too small so don’t get discouraged when things feel hopeless. You can make a difference every day for animals.


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