Creating Change Through Grassroots Activism

As animal rights activists we are all on a mission to make the world a better place for animals. And one of the best ways to be successful with our mission is to present a clear, precise message. There are a variety of ways that activists choose to present messages. Some of these methods include social media posts, photography, demonstrations, petitions, rallies, and offering informational handouts at events.

Grassroots Activism

The early days of the animal rights movement began with grassroots activism and the methods used helped the movement expand for decades to come. Since the late 1970’s activists have used picketing, large rallies, information tables with handouts, and pressure from wealthy donors to drive change for animals around the world.

The past few years have been difficult for grassroots activism with the Covid pandemic forcing most of society indoors. But as in-person demonstrations and tabling events begin to make a comeback, the need for informative leaflets and brochures for your group or organization will also increase. To spread the word about animal rights and veganism, your organization will want high-quality handouts that people will want to take home and share.

Making High Quality Animal Rights Content

Creating high quality content or sourcing content from a credible source is imperative for changing hearts and minds about animal rights and veganism. Content drives a design so be sure to start with well-written, concise content to drive your message home. Keep the design consistent with your brand and limit the number of fonts to keep the content easy to read.

Here are a few suggestions for creating high quality handouts:

  • Include QR codes printed on the handout linking back to your website
  • Keep the design consistent
  • Limit the number of fonts used
  • Use a color pallet generator to help with a harmonious design
  • Use high quality images for designs
  • Utilize free image sources like and WeAnimals Media
  • Take advantage of easy design tools like Canva or Adobe Express
  • Source from eco-friendly companies like NextDayFlyers who offers a wide variety of options and sizes for your printed pieces
  • Take advantage of bulk printing discounts but only order as many as needed for your organization

Spread Your Message

In addition to handing out brochures and leaflets, posting them on bulletin boards in public areas such as coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, supermarkets, co-ops, laundromats, and apartment buildings is another way to spread your message. The brochures are also great additions to any outgoing mail. Remember to always ask permission from the owner or manager before posting a leaflet to make sure that it stays posted. Some businesses will even allow you to leave a stack of leaflets near the exit for people to grab on their own.

Looking for more opportunities to get involved in the animal rights movement? Animal rights organizations offer volunteer opportunities, and these provide a platform for your own activism. To sign up to volunteer for FARM, please visit


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