Solidarity Activism: LGBTQ+ & Animal Rights

Since the beginning of recorded history, and likely before, groups of individuals have been forced to fight for fairness and equality. From the enslaved citizens of Spartacus in Rome in 73 BCE fighting for their freedom to the Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381 rising against serfdom and heavy taxation, to the more recent social justice movements for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ rights, human history is filled with examples of people coming together to fight against discrimination, marginalization, and oppression. And humans are not the only sentient beings to suffer oppression; activists in the Animal Rights movement have also advocated for animals for over a century.

The battle for a more inclusive, compassionate world is not the responsibility of a single person, group, or activist movement. When movements with shared values and goals, such as empathy, compassion, and dismantling oppressive systems, join forces, they inspire each other and amplify their collective impact. In this article, we explore the shared values and goals that unite the LGBTQ+ and Animal Rights movements, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and mutual support in pursuing a kinder world for all.

Common Goals in the LGBTQ+ and Animal Rights Movements

The Animal Rights Movement and the Gay Rights Movement share some common threads, despite their differences. Both LGBTQ+ rights and animal rights groups strive to challenge oppressive systems, promote empathy and understanding, and fight for justice and equality. Activists from both groups work towards creating an inclusive and safe world, sharing a common goal of fighting discriminatory practices. They consistently emphasize empathy, compassion, understanding, and respect while working to dismantle oppressive systems that promote marginalization and discrimination.


The rampant injustices experienced by minority groups are not new or uncommon. Historically, minorities are considered “less than“ by others who deem themselves superior. At the same time, civil rights laws and similar are intended to protect and offer equality. Still, they do not always provide the protection a person needs, and even fewer laws are on the books to protect animals.

Though many laws have come and gone regarding the treatment of animals, much of the legal system still considers them as “property” and only valuable as a profit for their “owners.” Humanity rarely considers their wants or needs, and their sentience is seldom acknowledged. Through dissociation, many people convince themselves that animals do not have feelings or desires or that they do not experience pain like humans do. The idea that animals are no more than dumb machines could not be further from the truth. Animals think, feel, and have a strong desire to live.

Change does not happen without a fight, so those whose rights are at stake must speak up for themselves. Those who cannot speak for themselves deserve to have someone speak on their behalf. Animals are unable to advocate for themselves, which is where caring, compassionate humans come into the picture, many of whom are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Events Celebrate Unity

Members of the LGBTQ+ community are no strangers to oppression, violence, or discrimination. They know how it feels to be ostracized, bullied, tortured, or even murdered for just existing. Most prefer that no other beings, human or non-human, experience these horrors. Perhaps this knowledge is why we see so many LGBTQ+ individuals following a compassionate, vegan lifestyle while fighting for animal rights. Both animals and humans are living, sentient beings who desire kindness, peace, and compassion.

Throughout the year, Pride events around the globe bring together diverse groups of people to celebrate the message of love, acceptance, belonging, and unity. These annual events provide an opportunity to celebrate the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals and communities have overcome throughout the years while highlighting the importance of staying vigilant in the fight for equal rights for the years to come.

DC Pride: Peace, Love, Revolution

This year’s DC Pride event, with its “Peace, Love, Revolution” theme, offers the perfect opportunity for activists to celebrate the commonalities between two seemingly distinct movements: animal rights and gay rights. Throughout history, the LGBTQ+ community has fought for their right to be treated as equals. Ultimately, all creatures, great and small, human or non-human, desire to live without fear, pain, or judgment. Every living being deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion, human and animal alike.

FARM Animal Rights Movement is an activist group that has been advocating for animals since 1976 and is proud to support the LGBTQ+ community through a presence at DC Pride. The organization has fought tirelessly to bring the plight of farmed animals to light and end the use of animals as food. Watch for FARM’s booth at Pride, DC, and join FARM activists marching in this year’s parade.

Pride DC also features events like a block party, a pride brunch, a concert, and a pride-filled parade. This year’s festival promotes peace, love, and revolution, with numerous learning opportunities to reach those goals. The best part, however, is surrounding yourself with friends, families, and allies while meeting new people with similar experiences and aspirations. Stop by the FARM booth at DC Pride for vegan-friendly goodies and learn how to join the fight for farm animal rights and a more compassionate world.



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