16 Spooktacular Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween may be the most fun holiday each year. It is traditional to don a costume and seek candy door to door or go to a Halloween party with your best friends. Regardless of how they spend Halloween, people love the opportunity to dress up as anyone or anything they like. Plus, who doesn’t like vegan Halloween candy?  Halloween season is also a perfect time to make an impact with your costume, be it for fun, to make a statement, or to proclaim, “I am vegan.”

Vegan Halloween Costumes Just for Fun

Being vegan does not mean you have to be stuffy and boring. Contrary to popular belief,  vegans do have a sense of humor. Try out one of these fun-filled, easy-to-make costumes to show your fun vegan side, and be prepared to share your story with anyone interested in hearing it.

Vegan Police

There is your average police costume, and then there are the vegan police. This costume is guaranteed to keep those meat eaters on their best behavior. How many of your meat-eating friends can you arrest at your party?

Vegan Zombie

“Grains!” Most zombies crave brains, but not vegan zombies. Add some bread to your killer zombie costume to show you prefer grains to brains.

Avocado and Toast 

Make your own avocado and toast costume with your partner, or buy one from the store. For an extra scare, make it a brown avocado.

Beyond Burger

Many restaurants delineate their plant-based burgers with a unique toothpick or flag. Add this plant-based label to your burger costume to turn it into a Beyond burger. You can also buy a Beyond Burger Halloween costume from Yandy.com.


Paint a rectangle of foam or cardboard with white paint and head to the party or head on down to Veganville as a big block of delicious tofu, just like Justin Timberlake from Saturday Night Live. Every vegan and aficionado will appreciate your costume.

Nutritional Yeast 

Decorate a poster or sandwich board with your own nutritional yeast label and wear it around your neck. Do not forget your “nooch” hat.

Vegan Celebrity

It is no secret that tons of celebrities follow a plant-based lifestyle. Dress up as your favorite and get ready to tell everyone at the party why you love this celebrity as much as you do.

Accidentally Vegan Oreos

Did you know that Oreos are accidentally vegan? Everyone can enjoy this delicious sandwich cookie as a treat at your plant-based Halloween party or as a funny costume. Dress as an Oreo cookie alone, or split the cookie with your other half.


People often assume that vegans only eat raw vegetables all the time. Dress as your favorite vegetable. Try out some lettuce or kale. Dress as peas and carrots with your partner. Go for the whole salad if you like. The garden is the limit.

Make a Statement With Vegan Halloween


Do you want to add a bit more shock value to your costume? These costumes are thought-provoking and maybe even a little grotesque. They may not be for every party, but they are sure to make a statement.

Pig Butcher

Do your kids want to show off their vegan side while also allowing the pig to have a little revenge? Children can easily get involved with this scary, kid-sized pig butcher costume.

Lucky Rabbit

Humans have carried around lucky rabbit’s feet for decades. It is time to place your luck on another foot. Complete your cuddly rabbit costume with a lucky human foot.

Revenge of the Cow

It is time to turn the tables on the butcher. Dress up your cute cow costume with a bloody butcher’s apron and a cleaver. Who is on the chopping block now?

Fish in a Net

We have all seen nets overflowing with fish fighting for oxygen after being ripped from the water. Paint on some scales and wrap yourself up in a net. You are now a fish in a net and ready to shine a light on the fishing industry.

Packaged Flesh

You cannot visit a grocery store without being bombarded with flesh-filled packages whenever you turn around. This costume is a simple one to pull off. All you need is some plastic wrap and some fake blood. Wrap up your blood-covered body and slap on a label stating what grade of meat you are this Halloween.

Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

Cow’s milk is for baby cows, not humans. Remind everyone with this easy costume. Dress up as a beautiful mother cow and label yourself with the phrase, “Not your mom, not your milk.”

I Am Vegan

What easier costume could exist? Label your shirt “vegan” and head out to the party. You can also check out Vegan Power Co for vegan clothing items. Another option is to wear your everyday clothes and prepare to answer the “What are you dressed as?” question all night with your favorite vegan comeback.

It is always fun to dress up in costumes, and Halloween offers the perfect dress-up excuse. It is entirely your decision if you want to make it a fun-filled costume or something to make a statement with. No matter which Halloween costume you choose, focus on having a fun, compassionate holiday. What are your ideas for vegan Halloween costumes? Share in the comments and don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Vegan Halloween Candy Guide before heading out for trick or treating.

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