Challenge Friends and Family to Try Vegan

Switching to a plant-based diet can feel like a daunting commitment, but it doesn’t have to be hard to try vegan. If you have been considering trying out a vegan diet but are unsure about such an enormous undertaking, why not try eating plant-based for one week?


VegWeek takes place April 18-24, during Earth Week. Earth Week is the perfect time to dive into your plant-based journey with Animal Outlook as your guide.

The first VegWeek occurred in 2009. Animal Outlook, the national animal advocacy organization, previously known as Compassion for Animals, took its inspiration from Rep. Jamie Raskin. Raskin, formerly a Maryland Senator and currently a U.S. Congressman, suggested that we could help protect the planet by eating a vegan diet for at least one week out of every year. The yearly campaign encourages thousands of people to explore the benefits of vegan eating for just seven days. Rep. Raskin refers to his vegan diet as “aligning my morals with my menu” and works to help others make kinder, healthier choices. (VegWeek)

When you “Take the VegPledge,” you connect with people who want to make a difference for the animals, the planet, and their health. When you sign up, you’ll get access to recipes, tips to help you get started, and even prizes. Animal Outlook will offer guidance and support for the entire week and continue to support you year-round should you continue your vegan journey.

You may be asking how seven days could make any difference. One week may not seem like a significant amount of time, but this short span has the capacity for a substantial impact when used well. That capacity increases exponentially with every individual who joins.


One person forgoing meat for one week could save around seven animals. That may not seem like much, but it adds up fast when you do the math. Multiply that one person by thousands, and the numbers speak for themselves. On top of that, every person who continues their vegan diet for a year potentially spares 365 additional animals from gruesome deaths in the slaughterhouse.


In addition to the many lives saved by one week of plant-based eating, there are benefits for the planet. Removing meat from your diet Removing meat from your diet for just one week can save thousands of gallons of water and prevent over 100 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Animal agriculture contributes significantly to pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Every plant-based meal makes a difference. At three meals a day, one week offers 21 opportunities to have a positive impact on behalf of our planet.


A vegan diet can be highly beneficial to your health. You could have more energy, better digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, better blood sugar levels, and even a better overall outlook and mood in just one week. Imagine the benefits a steady vegan diet could offer if all these benefits can show themselves in just a week.
VegWeek is one of many events and resources to promote a kinder, healthier dietpromote a kinder, healthier diet. If you are up for a more extended vegan challenge, try out one of these other options.


International charity, Veganuary, offers up a 31-day vegan challenge. As soon as you sign up, you will receive daily emails offering guidance, tips, support, and encouragement for your 31-day commitment. You will receive information on available products and delicious substitutes for the animal-based products you would like to replace. You will also gain access to tons of recipes and nutrition information.


Challenge22 has over 400 mentors worldwide just waiting to help you on your vegan journey. When you sign up for their 22-day challenge, you will gain an entire support system. You will receive a Facebook link where you can join the Challenge22 group giving you access to tips, recipes, videos, and motivation. In addition to supportive mentors ready to answer any question, Challenge22 will connect you with licensed registered dietitians who can help you create the perfect diet plan to fit your needs.


Vegan Outreach’s 10 Weeks to Vegan guided challenge will ease your transition to a vegan diet. You will receive weekly emails with lots of tips and resources. You will also find support from the 10 Weeks to Vegan Facebook group. Along with delicious recipes and helpful hints, you will also receive nutrition information from registered dietitians.

It does not matter which program you choose to help you with your vegan journey. There are many options to choose from online. There is no single right or wrong method when switching your entire diet. The critical thing to know is you are most definitely not alone in your new, vegan life. All these programs have common goals to care for the animals, the planet, and our health. They exist to help and support you on your vegan path. Switching to a vegan diet can be a daunting task, but you do not have to go it alone.

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