10 Ways To Influence Others To Go Vegan

Veganism and plant-based eating have become more mainstream in recent years. As people make the connection between consuming animal products and the adverse effects on the environment, animals, potential health risks, and the risk for global outbreaks, veganism is becoming even more prevalent.

10 Ways To Influence Others To Go Vegan

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem overwhelming and daunting for people unfamiliar with what it is or what it means. As vegan advocates, it’s vital to explore practical ways to encourage others to change to a more compassionate way of living. In this post, we discuss ten ways to encourage others to make the transition by leading through example and appealing to them in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner. By trying these methods, we can lead more people to a healthy, ethical, sustainable way of life.

1. Be A Good Role Model

One of the best ways to encourage change in other people is to show them an excellent example of somebody they would want to be, and the same goes for veganism. Be a good role model by cooking and sharing delicious vegan meals, volunteering for vegan-friendly organizations, attending local vegan events like plant-based festivals or potlucks to build community, and getting involved with vegan activism that makes a difference.

2. Be Compassionate

A huge part of living a vegan lifestyle is practicing compassion, but sometimes we forget to extend that compassion to human animals. Most of us were not born vegan and had to find our way into the movement. Showing empathy towards non-vegans and avoiding appearing too preachy or judgmental can go a long way. Instead of criticizing, try supporting them by offering to share recipes, cooking them a delicious vegan meal, joining them at a plant-based festival, or inviting them to a local vegan restaurant.

3. Appeal to The Values They Hold Dear

Living a vegan lifestyle provides so many benefits that most people can relate to at least one. Most people go vegan because they love animals or do not want to pay anyone else to harm them. Some people go vegan because of the environmental aspect of veganism, like saving the rainforest, stopping harmful animal agriculture practices, or preventing the next pandemic. Other people may go vegan because of all the scientifically proven health benefits of a plant-based diet, such as a reduced risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable illnesses. Whichever value appeals to someone the most will be the best value to appeal to when encouraging others to join you in living a vegan life.

4. Share Your Vegan Journey

Don’t be shy to share your road to veganism with others. How has being vegan affected your life for the better? Have you experienced any positive health changes since switching to a plant-based diet? Has your general outlook on life improved for the better? Share your experiences openly with others, so they have examples of the positive effects of a vegan lifestyle.

5. Share Information from Reliable Sources

Information is a powerful tool when it is used correctly. Do your research and try not to share over-inflated statistics or low-quality studies. Show other people you know your stuff will expand their confidence in your words. Share your knowledge and back it up with facts. Use proven information to show your friends the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, such as the number of animals they can save yearly or the numerous health benefits.

6. Be Resourceful

Change is rarely easy. Some people downright hate to change, so connecting others with resources to help them on their journey is essential. The easier it is for someone to change, the more likely that they will. Some great resources to share are your favorite vegan recipes, plant-based cookbooks, vegan YouTube personalities, vegan authors, or vegan-friendly websites.

7. Become a Safe Space

Non-vegans have many questions and concerns about a vegan diet; misinformation is everywhere. Be a good listener. Allow people a safe space to ask questions, no matter what they want to know. Do not laugh or judge, even if it seems they are asking something everyone should know. Provide the correct information in a frank, supportive manner, and remember that knowledge is power.

8. Utilize The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in an advocate’s toolbox. The Internet allows people worldwide to connect, share impactful images and videos, distribute recipes and product reviews, find organizations to volunteer with, get involved in vegan advocacy, and more. Many people have never considered a vegan diet because they do not know anyone vegan. It can be lonely when it seems you are the only person trying something new. Social media is a perfect way to meet people with the same questions and concerns. Connection through social media accounts or groups is also a great way to connect with experienced vegans who are willing mentors.

9. Encourage Small Changes

The decision to go vegan is not an easy one for everyone. It takes time and patience to influence others to consider changing their thoughts about food, clothes, and other things in their lives. Admitting that a vegan lifestyle is the best way to live also comes with the realization that you’ve been contributing to negative things for many years or even decades. Be kind, patient, and supportive as you share your experiences and knowledge.

10. Be Patient

Encourage individuals to start small and gradually make changes towards a vegan lifestyle, such as incorporating more plant-based meals into their diet or replacing non-vegan items with vegan alternatives.

Working Towards a Vegan World

There are many so ways to influence others to go vegan. It doesn’t matter if you’re providing factual information, sharing your experiences, or appealing to personal values; the way to encourage change is to be patient, compassionate, and non-judgmental. When leading by example and providing resources and support, we can help other people transition to a compassionate lifestyle. Don’t forget that evolution takes time, and every small step is one step closer to a goal. Let’s work together to positively impact the environment, animal rights, and the health of ourselves and our planet by promoting a vegan, plant-based lifestyle.

  1. 1. This is so important! So many people are not aware of the health benefits of a plant-based diet and the many ways that a vegan lifestyle can benefit them.
    2. It’s important to be compassionate and show others that a vegan lifestyle is the best way to live.
    Emily Andrew

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